Rain Barrel Platform


I am happy to announce that the Fletcher Collective recently leveled up. Our water conservation abilities improved with the creation of our new rain barrel loft. Rain barrels store rain water, generally for gardening use. This tidy site will give you information on rain barrels, including instructions to make them.

Visit our new location to read the rest of this article.

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4 Responses to Rain Barrel Platform

  1. JeanK says:

    A word to the Wise. Should you decide to utilize a rain barrel for rainwater harvesting, remember that water in the barrel is only as clean as the gutter it drains from. I realize that cleaning rain gutters often is a dirty, nasty, job none of us enjoy doing. However, I invite you to visit my site and see a newly invented gutter cleaning tool. This new gutter tool is a safer, cleaner, and easier method of gutter cleaning than any tool on the market today.

    Consider connecting several rain barrels together for collection of overflow from the first main barrel. Complete instructions to do this can also be found on line at http://www.watershedactivities.com.

    God Bless All and “Let Not Your Heart Be Troubled.”

  2. jryven says:

    Jean, I agree that special consideration should be paid to the cleanliness of the water entering rain barrels.

    Many of the organic products (like leaves) that your product would remove from gutters are unlikely to lower the quality of water, especially if a screen is installed between the downspout and barrel to strain the water before it enters the barrel.

    A shingled roof, on the other hand, may lead to water contamination. I assert this because the shingles are derived of petroleum products. Thank you for your comments.

  3. JeanK says:

    Jryven, You have a point regarding the possibility of water contamination into the rainwater flowing over it; however, there are many other contaminates that enter into the gutters if they are not kept clean.

    I would be more concerned about larva of mosquitoes that love to breed in water left in gutters. These mosquitoes are known to carry West Nile Virus. Also, the roaches that love to hide under leaves & debris carry 33 different serious diseases as well. Bird droppings and feathers, not cleaned out of gutters can also contaminate rain water.

    I think I’d take my chances with a Possible Contamination from (if any) shingles. Keeping the gutters squeaky clean eliminates most of these problems. Now, if I were to get really critical about my rain water (beings I’m not drinking it or soaking in it) I would consider, after vacuuming them clean, to use some of that rain water, with the correct amount of chlorine added to it, to thorough wash the gutters.

    You get what you want at this point. Again, with all the pollution in the air, my veggie garden still becomes contaminated when you close to an airport…..

    So, I will continue to pray over everything before I eat it and say again, “Let Not Your Heart Be Troubled.” God bless you, jryven and have a great evening.

  4. jryven says:

    Thank you, JeanK. The information that you’ve provided lends substantially to this post by showing that many factors contribute to safe rainwater conservation. Also, I enjoy the site that you linked above. They offer information on far more than rain barrels. Thanks for that link.

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